Canine Models Wanted

We are looking for well-behaved dogs of the following breeds:

Poodles – all sizes
Bedlington Terriers
Bichon Frise
Sealyham, Lakeland, Welsh Terriers
Cocker Spaniels either for handstripping or for clip & scissor but with skirts and feathers left full
Exotic varieties eg non-CC breeds or those with interim breed register status at The Kennel Club

We would like to run an in-house training day once per month for our junior staff members to help them build and develop their skills, as well as to find dogs that might be suitable for exams and grooming competitions. To do this we need suitable dogs with owners who are happy for us to groom to show standard, which often means that we need to leave the coat longer. In return we will be pleased to offer reduced rate grooms:

Poodles – toys £20, minis £25, standards £45
Bedlingtons – £25
Bichon Frise – £30

If you have a dog that you think would be suitable for us to work with on a regular basis, then please give us a call

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  1. Carol Reynolds
    Posted November 5, 2013 at 09:44 | Permalink

    We have a cocker spaniel age 1 & half, and we would be interested in maybe offering him as a model, if you thought he was suitable. Please can you let me know what we need to do next. Thank you for your consideration.

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