Become a Dog Groomer or Qualify as a Dog Groomer with Canis

What Training Packages do we Offer:

  • City & Guilds 7763-02 Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants

20 day course + 8 days work experience, equipment, First Aid Course – £2950

  • City & Guilds 7863-03 Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

40 day course + 8 days work experience, First Aid Course – £4500

  • Introduction to Dog Grooming for a Living

20 days training, equipment, First Aid Course – £2200

Add on C&G L2 assessment for an additional £795

  • Introduction to Dog Grooming for a Living

30 days training, equipment, First Aid Course – £3300

Add on C&G L2 assessment for an additional £795


What Assessment Packages do we Offer:

If you are already grooming, then subject to a satisfactory initial assessment of your skills, CV and portfolio, then we would be able to assess you for Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma qualifications with reduced hours programme as follows:

  • Initial Assessment – ½ day – £50.00
  • City & Guilds 7763-02 Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants – 5 days on-site, includes online Evolve exam – £795
  • City & Guilds 7863-03 Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming – a minimum of 15 days required – includes registration, assessments, First Aid Course, course notes, tutorials, external written exams (Bedford – June/November) – £1850+

Canis has existed as a grooming establishment for many years, and has been at this current location since 2008.  We have provided training and qualification for City & Guilds Dog Grooming since 2014 at both level 2 and level 3.  We are a Pet Industry Federation (PIF) Quality Assured Grooming Salon, and we are licensed by PIF to deliver training and qualification as one of their satellite training schools.  We deliver high quality teaching and assessment in excellent facilities, and will be able to help you achieve your dream job as a dog groomer and new business owner.

Dog grooming is a hugely enjoyable occupation if you love dogs.  However, it is not without some challenges.  Firstly it is important to work safely to protect the dog from injury, and also yourself – be aware that we are using lots of sharp implements in order to prepare and then trim the coat, along with products (chemicals) in order to clean and work the coat.  Secondly, you need to groom to a standard that satisfies your customers’ requirements so that they are happy to return to you, so you need to know about breed styling and trimming, and how to use the equipment to achieve the required style.  Thirdly, you need to comply with the law and regulatory framework, and this means things like health and safety, waste disposal.  In addition you will need to equip your salon with suitable equipment (usually quite expensive) and products so that you can carry out your work safely, efficiently and to a satisfactory standard.  You also need to be physically fit as a groomer is on their feet all day, and will have to lift dogs on/off the table or in and out of the bath.  In order to groom in a way that meets these criteria, and to give your new business the best start, then good training is an important investment, and good training with a qualification demonstrates that you take the responsibility of caring for your client’s pet seriously.  City & Guilds qualifications are the only OFQUAL accredited training programmes for the UK dog grooming industry.  These training programmes deliver good demonstrable practical skills accompanied by a sound theoretical knowledge base.

Be aware that the dog grooming industry is currently unregulated, and this means there is no legal requirement to have any kind of qualification for the role.  Having said that there are many unqualified groomers that do an excellent job, but they will have learned their craft over a number of years, and probably under the supervision of another experienced groomer.  For many people who aspire to become a dog groomer, they are trying to “fasttrack” into a new career, and in order to prepare themselves with the skills and the knowledge within a short time frame, then training is very important if they wish to succeed.  This might be your starting point now, and you want to know how we might be able to help you, and in what ways we might be different to other training organisations …

  • Work experience for C&G course students – 8 days with us before you start any course work
  • Pet First Aid Course for all students – before you start your course work
  • Equipment pack included for all Level 2 course students and all Introductory Courses 20/30 days
  • C&G Level 2 course – salon contact time 196 hours
  • C&G Level 3 Diploma course – salon contact time 336 hours plus tutorial time to prepare you for your external written exams
For further information about our courses, then please contact us either by telephone 01993 702558 or by email