Grooming & Spa Treatments

We offer high quality grooming for all breeds of dogs, and also cats.  Our specialist services are in handstripping of terriers, spaniels, and sculpting of the wool coated breeds and types such as poodles, labradoodles, cockerpoos, Bichon Frise.

All pets are welcomed on arrival and owners are given a full consultation to discuss each animal’s particular needs and grooming requirements. We have a photograph album of numerous styles, which can give ‘first time’ owners an idea of what styles may suit them and guidance given as to maintenance and owner coat care.

Included with each groom:

  • Clip or grind nails, trim pads
  • Pluck and clean ears
  • Express anal glands as appropriate
  • Groomer’s Health Check – we will check each animal for signs of illness, and will alert owners to any issues found such as lumps and bumps, or muscular problems
  • Aromatherapy bath to best suit dog’s coat/skin type – we use Wildwash shampoos and condititioners, plus Tropiclean Spa Lavish Facial Scrub – as standard, not an extra
  • Condition coat
  • Blow dry
  • Clip / Handstrip / Scissor sculpt
  • Application of cologne
  • Regular grooming clients can bring their dogs back to us, by appointment, for free interim nail trimming or fringe trim
Spa Treatments are also available for your dog: the treatment consist of a bath and brush or full groom, followed by a full body massage.  These treatment are highly beneficial to elderly dogs with mobility and pain issues, and they are also beneficial to working dogs.

Owners are welcome to view the grooming area and either wait in reception while their dog is being groomed or arrange a suitable collection time.  We ask cat owners to remain with us during their pet’s groom to help minimise any stress for these sensitive creatures.

We are always pleased to talk to you about our work, and how we can help you with your pet, so please give us a call